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Ljdabes about 24 hours ago

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

The BBQ Chicken Quesadilla is a staple in my work lunch routine. It is a fun twist on the traditional recipe. Shredded chicken, zesty barbecue sauce, cheese, and onions inside the flour tortillas are a real treat. The friendly staff adds extra motivation to make the risky voyage across the One Atlantic passageway at least twice a week. This is truly the experience of a lifetime.

Cougarkidd 1 day ago

BBQ Chicken Salad

The best salad in Midtown. The BBQ sauce and ranch dressing are perfect together. The portions are large so you can eat as much (or little) as you want. The chicken is tender and tasty. 5 out of 5.

K6alvarez 7 days ago

Meatball Parm Sub

My favorite sandwich in midtown! Also try the quesadillas, they are very tasty.

Brandon 17 days ago

Carolyn's Breakfast Bowl

The cheese and mixture of chicken sausage and hash browns are delicious.

Stephan 20 days ago

Chicken Florentine

You will not find a better personal pizza in Midtown. Savory, cheesy and just plain scrumptious!

Twinharris1 20 days ago


A very tasty sandwich

Devinveach 27 days ago

Build Your Future Pizza

Their pizza is always delicious, never too greasy. The crust is perfect, not too thin or too thick. I usually order it with just pineapple, and you can tell the pineapple is fresh and not from a can.

Monicamanue about 1 month ago

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The buffalo chicken pizza is the best! My favorite lunch at Carolyn's cafe.

Charlievorndran about 1 month ago

Cobb Salad


Cbrogsdale about 1 month ago

Curley Fries

I LOVE these fries!! I have been a fan of them for almost 10 years, before you moved to One Atlantic Center and you were across the street. I was disappointed when you took them off the daily menu, but I am happy that you include them occasionally in your various menus and whenever they are available, I just have to get a serving. I have had other curley fries but so far none compare!

Neil about 1 month ago


The Triumph sandwich is excellent. It's a consistently good turkey sandwich that I eat several times each week.

Linda about 1 month ago

Breakfast Burrito

I order the Bacon breakfast burrito often and it never disappoints.

Bkirwin about 1 month ago


My go-to lunch sandwich

Sterling01 about 1 month ago

Egg and Cheese

I love and appreciate you guys breakfast items. I do not eat pork or beef, so the fact you have chicken sausage means a lot. I also appreciate that we can order online and go and pick up without the wait. Thank you for all you do and continue the excellent work.

C Bernard over 1 year ago

Chicken Quesadilla

I Love, Love the Chicken Quesadilla... It's really could be TWO MEALS in ONE...

Guest over 1 year ago

Veggie Quesadilla

Good menu item, cleaner than other options and very tasty.

Guest over 1 year ago

Veggie Quesadilla

A real dark horse candidate, but boy was I surprised. This item is great. The broccoli is crisp and the feta adds a nice flavor. It's not too cheesy and not for those on a diet. Sure you can lie to yourself and say you're being healthy, but this still on your cheat menu. If I was a vegetarian I would order this every time, but I'm not so I don't. To be honest, I feel good in the afternoon once I put one of these puppies away. High energy and ready to impress my boss after eating this item. He's awesome and I think he likes this too.

Mroice227 over 1 year ago

Positive Attitude

Love this sandwich and love the name even more!

Stephan over 1 year ago


Almost didn't get this one because the combination of honey mustard and blue cheese sounded weird to me. But they really compliment one another surprisingly it's my favorite wrap on the menu!

Richard 1 day ago


Great wrap. It's delicious.

Iluvmmz 3 days ago

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

The cheese wrap really brings this together! Not too much sauce either. Very good! One of my favorite things to get other than the BBQ Quesadilla.

Julie 15 days ago

Carolyn's Breakfast Bowl

Customized my ingredients and it was perfect! Very tasty and exactly as I requested! Will order again.

Sataylor 20 days ago

Build Your Own Omelet

The best part about the breakfast omelet is they are fresh and made to order.

Meanad21 20 days ago

Breakfast Burrito

Have you tried Catering with Carolyns? OMG THE BEST. We order Breakfast Burritos that are filled with Egg, cheese, Bacon or Sausage and sometimes the Veggie as well. It comes with A cup of Salsa on the side! Too die for! We also ALWAYS have Superb service from their Drivers... Always on time, Always Polite. Try Carolyn's-they wont disappoint.

Jreeves 23 days ago

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

The Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla is my absolute favorite ! It has plenty of chicken and just the right amount of kick on the tongue. The sauce has great texture. I highly recommend it.

Melissa about 1 month ago


The combination of flavors is incredible. Paired with a side of the delicious seasoned crinkle fries, you have a filling lunch that makes your tastebuds happy!

Sharondhall1984 about 1 month ago

Baked Potato Pizza

The baked potato pizza is the most satisfying comfort food you could hope for. If you are having a horrible day in the office and this pizza is on the menu, do yourself a favor and have it. You will feel better! When this is on the weekly menu, our office has a stampede to come over to get this dish. I wish it was a regular menu item.

Bdukes about 1 month ago

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

Love the BBQ Quesadilla! Chunks of white meat chicken in a rich, tangy BBQ sauce, smothered but not drenched. A generous blend of cheeses coats the chicken inside the floured pie-sliced portions which are slightly seared to seal in the meat's juices. It's served with a side of multi-colored tortilla chips with a mild, homemade salsa and sour cream. Large portion with enough for a snack late in the day or to take home.

Jewel about 1 month ago

BBQ Chicken Pizza

The BBQ chicken pizza is great! I consistently order this and add bell peppers.

Dannydkim about 1 month ago


The Stromboli was delicious and filling. I really enjoyed each bite as I devoured the meal with a hearty helping of sauce.

Amber about 1 month ago


The wraps are always a good lunch. The Innerdrive is basically an Italian sandwich in wrap form and it is SOOO good. The weekly specials are usually good as well and they have a great variety of choices.

Terrie about 1 month ago

Carolyn's Supreme Pizza

Fresh ingredients, crisp crust, has everything I like on it, delicious!

Guest about 1 year ago


This is a must try!

Guest over 1 year ago

Pork Quesadilla

Tasty and a lot of food. May be the largest item on the menu.

Guest over 1 year ago

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

Mike said it right. Great wrap and highly recommended. Buy it

Guest over 1 year ago

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Some might say that this is the kingpin of the Carolyn's menu. This is a must try item and is great desk food. Trust me, I've ordered this item at least 75 times maybe 100, and if you feel a need to feed then this should be your default option. The flavors are bold and moderately spicy and the chicken is always moist. I would recommend a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage and a side of ranch. If you're still debating what to get then just take my advice, order this, be happy, and crush the rest of your day!

Guest over 1 year ago

Caesar Salad

Had it, loved it.

Apratt28 almost 2 years ago

BBQ Chicken Salad

Great salad. Can't go wrong.


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